A gloss meter measures the level of gloss on painted surfaces, such as cars, motorcycles, boats, and airplanes. The primary use of a gloss meter is to help detailers achieve a high-gloss finish on a vehicle.

Why use a gloss meter?

Different types of paint and clear coats can have varying levels of gloss, a gloss meter allows detailers to standardize and achieve consistent results. It also allows for precise measurements, which is important when working on high-end vehicles, ensuring a uniform and high-quality finish.

How does a gloss meter work?

A gloss meter works by measuring the amount of light reflected off a surface at a specific angle. The device consists of a light source, a detector, and a measurement head. The measurement head is placed on the surface at a specific angle, and the device measures the amount of light reflected back to the detector. The resulting measurement is then displayed on the device, typically in gloss units (GU).

Benefits of using a gloss meter